Pastor Lenard R. Robertson
has served in the Ministry for over 20 years. Not only has he proven to be a true servant of God, exemplifying all of the spiritual gifts of a pastor, but also a shrewd administrator, turning the financial and administrative offices of his local congregation into a work for God. He attended Charles Harrison Mason Bible College, and is a graduate of the United States Auxiliaries Convention Church of God in Christ as a fully certified christian teacher. He received the Bishop's Pastor's Award For Outstanding Pastoral Leadership from the First Jurisdiction of Louisiana and many others.

Pastor Robertson's Ministry centers around teaching christians how to live victorious lives in the Kingdom of God today. His first book, Surviving the Crash, has helped many hurting people learn how to overcome the pain and challenges that life sometimes brings upon us. This book, The Truth Your Mind Refuses To See, inspires the reader to sincerely search out the truth of God's Word and begin to live the way God wants His people to live. Pastor Robertson has been called by God for such a time as this to empower the Believer for the 21st Century.
Pastor Robertson with wife, Floratina Scott Robertson, reside in West Monroe, Louisiana. They have two children, Daniel Robertson and Rashida Robertson-Johnson... and a neice, LaToya Robertson.

Pastor's Roberston's unique style of ministry has had a positive impact on the lives of people from a diverse segment of the community. There have been numerous testimonies given by individuals who have taken the kingdom principles taught in his lessons, applied them to their lives, and are now walking in total victory through Christ.